Staying at Morgadio da Calçada is not one experience - there are many

The soul of the douro poured into a glass

At Morgadio da Calçada you can take tasting courses in the original cellar of the house, visit the vineyards, get to know the centennial barrels, and taste the Morgadio da Calçada Port and Douro wines signed by Dirk van der Niepoort

The time you don't forget

What if dinner were served in a room lit only by the flame of dozens of candles? If you were invited to supper at the big wooden table in the kitchen, while listening to centennial stories set to the rhythm of the crackling fireplace? At Morgadio da Calçada meals are always unique and unpredictable experiences

Business with soul of the earth

Since Morgadio da Calçada opened its doors to visitors, countless companies have sought it out to hold staff meetings. Philip Morris, Mercedes Benz, the Commission of Wine-growing Villages, and several banking institutions have seen the terraces as an exclusive living room where business takes on a new dimension

Dinner by candlelight

Dining out

Visit kite warehouse

Walk through 5 hectares of flat vineyards



Dinners and house tours are on request - reservation.For more information, please contact us