Morgadio da Calçada


Built on the 17th century under the command of the judge Jerónimo da Cunha Pimentel, the house of Morgadio da Calçada is one of the most ancient and important manor houses at Provesende. Having performed, ever since, a major role on the region’s development, the building still keeps its original features, as well as its chapel, built on the 18th century in honor to St. Jerome.

Until the emergence of the republic, Morgadio da Calçada has witnessed several remarkable events. The house has inherited the palacian tradition of “enfilade” parlours, preserving to the present times its ceilings, its original interior colours and its period-style furniture. These features altogether lend the unique charm of ancient wine producing farms to the house.

Since its opening to the public, in the 90’s, Morgadio da Calçada has been visited by several national public figures, like Manoel de Oliveira, Mário Soares, Siza Vieira, Miguel Cadilhe or Braga da Cruz.