Morgadio da Calçada


Classified as World Heritage Site by UNESCO, the Douro region is, by excellence, the home of the great Port Wine producing farms. Cutted by the meandering river, long vineyard slopes embrace both historical constructions and modern creations of national and international famous architects.

Provesende, the historical village where Morgadio da Calçada was built, is one of the six classified villages at the Douro Valley. Its twisted streets are flanked by the granite stoneworks and coats of arms of the 13 manor houses that since the 16th century prove the importance of the region in the portuguese economy.

Doing justice to the entrepeneur spirits of its wine producers, Provesende has been, throughout the years, the nest of many important developments at the Douro Region – one of which was the pioneering fight against the plague of Phylloxera, which, in the 19th century, was destroying vineyards all over the country.